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I) Cheez-Its


Actually, I know why. When you are slightly hungover at Giant Eagle on a Saturday morning (because you dressed up as Snooki the night before and took a few too many brews to the face) you will suddenly develop a most intense craving for Cheez-its. This craving will only narrowly rank second to the great Cheez-It craving of 2009 that occured while waiting for AAA to come and save you  from a Home Depot parking lot in South Philly. (Also, ahem, hungover).

I gave in. And it was glorious. I highly recommend this Sharp Cheddar and Parmesan “DUOZ” package for all your fake cheez needs.

II) Falafel

I gave homemade falafel a try last week and it actually turned out pretty well. I used this recipe and baked the falafel at about 400 for 15-20 minutes. I made the cucumber sauce too. The falafel seasoning was really on point and I suspect they would be even better fried, but this was a solid first effort.

III) Trip to Abay

Abay is an Ethiopian restaurant located at 130 South Highland in Shadyside. I have been there before and enjoyed it – reasonably priced and BYO. I went back with a group of eight last week – luckily they do take reservations for larger groups. Service was attentive and everyone had a good time. To note, the food is a little ‘different’. It is best served family style and usually eaten with your hands, using the spongy injera bread to scoop up pieces of slow cooked meats and vegetables. Traditional spices used in Ethiopian cooking include berbere (a red chili powder), garlic, cumin, turmeric, and coriander. I don’t find the spice overwhelming, but it may be too much for some less adventurous eaters. If you are looking for something different though, Abay is certainly worth a visit!

IV) Slacklining

Oh yeah.

I enjoyed the last of the warm weather trying my hand (foot?) at slack-lining. Even with very patient instruction,  I was barely able to stay on the line. Challenging,  but a fun way to spend an afternoon 🙂

V) White Chicken Chili

This Ellie Krieger recipe was pretty tasty. (Find it here).  I stayed true to the recipe but did grind my own chicken tenders instead of using pre-ground meat.  This was easy and served up with sour cream, grated cheese, chips, and beer, made for a perfect fall meal.

VI) Penn Ave Fish Company

Penn Ave Fish Company (read about past visits to the Strip District location here and here) has opened a downtown location at 308 Forbes Ave . Yay! Word on the street is they will also be opening for dinner starting today, November 10th. Another yay!

Unfortunately, the place seems to be getting absolutely slammed during the lunch hour. Lines snake through the spot and finding a table is nearly impossible. I would suggest trying to go early or go later. I am not sure if there is capacity to add any more seating in the place but it looks like they could already use it!

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Fall 2010

Kind of love my tiny kitchen in the fall.

The window might be the best part.

Or perhaps it is the Pumpkin-Gingerbread.

Find the recipe here. I usually double the spices because I am crazy like that.

How did the best part of fall pass so quickly? It is way too cold outside for me this morning. Sigh.

It has been a good fall though. For sure 🙂

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