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Square Cafe: Regent Square

Inspired by a fleeting burst of winter weekend sunshine (and an about to expire Groupon), I recently made my way to Square Cafe for brunch.

“It’s too sunny!” says Ben.

Square Cafe is located in Regent Square, a little P-burgh neighborhood sandwiched somewhere between Squirrel Hill, Frick Park, the parkway, and Swissvale. The houses here are cute and the stretch of S Braddock Ave where Square Cafe is located contains a few other popular and tasty restaurants (D’s Six Pax and Dogz, Legume (although they are moving), The Green Mango).

Square Cafe only serves breakfast and lunch. It is open until 3PM on Sundays. We thought we would be slick and go at 2:00 and have no wait. Not so much. We only waited about 10 minutes though and were able to snag counter seats.

Square Cafe was hopping. The place is decorated in very bright blues, greens, and oranges – this somewhat made me feel like I was in a Leaps and Bounds circa 1992. (Anyone?) I guess I  felt the place was a little hectic and crowded but the menu looked good and I generally enjoy hustle and bustle – just be aware this is a super popular spot if you plan to take a group!

 We were able to quickly place orders – breakfast quesadilla for him and cornmeal pancakes for her.

breakfast quesadilla and cool glassware. yum.

Ok, the food was really tasty. The cornmeal pancakes were cormeally (in the best possible way) and served with pure maple syrup (a must!). The quesadilla was huge and had some seriously fluffy eggs and delicious cheese in there.  

Our bill (2 breakfasts, 1 coffee) was right around $20. Trending towards pricier for breakfast but well worth it. I would love to return in the summer and sit at their outdoor seating 🙂

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Wild and Wonderful

For no particular reason, I decided to embark on a little winter getaway. To the middle of nowhere West Virginia. In February.
But why not do something random now and again? 🙂

hmmm, how about a nice little vacay to bruceton mills, WV?


hello mountain creek cabins, you were very cozy!

We ate, we hiked, we battled a bat, we drank fruity West Virginia wine. Quite a weekend.


coopers rock state forest

slow cooked lamb over rice. yummm.

Actually it was awesome to get away from my phone and email and TV and sit by a fire and read a book. Here’s to more random weekend getaways!

If you ever fnd yourself in need of lodging near Bruceton Mills (um, not sure when that would ever happen, but this is pretty close to Morgantown) I fully recommend Mountain Creek Cabins. Super clean, well appointed, and reasonably priced. Check them out here.

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Sausalido: Bloomfield

Text message conversation between myself and one of my BFFs, last Friday at approximately 5:00PM. Paraphrased for your reading pleasure.

Me: “Are we still doing dinner? What do you feel like? Sushi, BYO, Italian?”

BFF: “I don’t care b****, I’m starvin!”

My friends and I are very nice to each other like that. (Please know the b-word is truly used as a term of endearment here. Of course.)

After a few more texts, we decided to head to the Bloomfield area and visit Sausalido. A call to the restaurant around 6PM was able to get a reservation for two at 7:15 – this pretty much sealed the deal. I have passed Sausalido many times while driving down Liberty and was always somewhat annoyed by the weird spelling of Sausalido (Sausalito anyone?). However, I was surprised by lots of positive Urbanspoon reviews and the fact that the place was BYO.  Always a plus.

Sausalido is tiny but we were quickly seated, even though we were late for our reservation. Tables are close together but there was a relaxed feel to the restaurant and great local art adorned the walls. The waiter popped our wine and we settled in.

The menu is smaller but had some great looking options.  I ended up with the white fish with bananas (appeared to be plaintains) over roasted potatoes. My BFF got a huge porkchop served over mashed potatoes. Both meals were served with better than average salads (nice greens and beets and chickpeas and cherry tomatoes) and bread and white bean dip.

Really, the execution of both dishes  exceeded my expectations. The place is not cheap ($20-$30 entrees) but all components of the dishes appeared to be made up of quality ingredients and portion sizes were large (if you are into that sort of thing). This is a place I could envision bringing my family or maybe a first date. Casual but classy. A spot with classic dishes for pickier eaters but also some unexpected tasty things happening (like pairing the white fish with plantains).

A big wedge of Nutella cheesecake ended our meal. Yum.

Service was friendly and prompt and corkage is $3 per person. I think this is definitely a spot to check out, particularly if you live in the area. It surprised me!

Sausalido on Urbanspoon

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1)    I need to walk to ‘Oh Yeah’ and eat irish crème ice cream with brownies mixed in.

2)    I need to walk to Kelly’s Lounge and have a beer on the back patio.

3)    I need to eat Razzy Fresh while sitting on the concrete wall outside the National City on Murray Ave.

4)    I need to set up shop at my parents’ pool with a good book and a glass of sangria.

5)    I need to lay on a blanket in the grass and write.

Summer, I know I still have to wait awhile but I do miss you.

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Happy Vday <3

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Check out my new ‘Where I Eat in the ‘Burgh’ tab. Look right above the header! I finally got my act together and organized a list of all the places I have blogged about over the last two years.

Hoping to get up some ‘recipes’ and ‘travel’ tabs as well.

Happy Tuesday!

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