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Ben and I went to Smoke after a few hours in the Express dressing room at the Waterfont. I was trying to convince him to get a v-neck t-shirt but he is holding fast to his opposition of this trend. You win some, you lose some.

We made it to Smoke about 2PM on a Saturday and there were 8-10 people inside, taking up the few tables Smoke has. I was pleased to see the space was kind of funky and cool. Could use more seats though. There is a tiny counter where you order. The super friendly order-taker told us they were out of about half the menu. OK. We ordered a brisket taco, a ribs taco, and some jalapeno and apple slaw. And were then told the order would take about 35 minutes. Whaaaat?

We were still waiting an hour later, awkwardly standing at a bar-like area as the seats were taken by people also waiting.  And I got a parking ticket on 8th Ave for my meter running out (clearly someone was hiding out targeting cars b/c I saw tickets all over the place and missed re-feeding the meter by about 3 minutes – nice).  We were given some complimentary horchata (rice milk, cinnamon, sugar, lime – pretty awesome) in apology for the long wait. Patience at this point = thin.

But then the tacos arrived. These things are divine. So so good – awesome meat and accompaniments and tortillas. Absolutely blew our recent visit to Chica Loca Taco out of the water.

But the wait. Just unacceptable. We picked a lazy day to go but most times I would not be able to wait an hour for food I thought was going to be an in and out thing. Please Smoke, get it together. Your food is amazing. I still can’t understand why two tacos took an hour though.

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This review is slightly dated but I joined a large (10+) group of friends for dinner on a weeknight at Spoon about a month ago. This place is slick and sleek and filled with neutral tones. Spoon is definitely serving up a modern fine dining experience.

The menu changes and rotates but always has a vegetarian option. I went with the veggie option on my visit. It included a roasted vegetable and brie tart and a salad made of asparagus, tomatoes, and baby greens. Everything on the plate was spot on, every vegeatable fresh. I really appreciate a well dressed and composed salad – the type you only seem to find at fancier places like Spoon.  This is definitely a great spot for a special occasion dinner or a nice date.  Spoon is not an every day sort of place for me (veggie plate was around $16 and overall vibe of the spot is not particularly casual) but I would certainly recommend it to anyone looking for well prepared/innovative food and polished service in the East End.

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So I was unaware of this until this morning…

CBS Pittsburgh’s Most Valuable Blogger

Apparently Snickie has been nominated. As I have not even heard of most of these blogs, I am somewhat unsure what validity this ‘contest’ holds. Nonetheless, I am pleased it could mean someone other than my mom is reading my blog. Check out the site and vote for Snickie under ‘Dining/Entertainment”. Or just click on the image to the right in the sidebar.

Thanks readers 🙂


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Snickie has been sick recently.   Something was happening to the formatting of the whole site anytime I tried to publish something.

random pretty flower photo

I think I fixed it. Hopefully.

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