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More Birds

Look who’s back.

yeah, im back, so what

Imagine my surprise when I looked up from my computer yesterday morning and saw this character staring back at me. If you have been a long time Snickie reader, you may remember my mourning dove saga from last year, which I posted about extensively. I believe I wrote two posts about it (here and here). For me, that is extensive bird watching coverage. 

Well, as evidenced above, the birds are back.


-Are these the same birds from last year? Ben says I need to study the markings. I have not reviewed the dove markings in detail but my gut says no, not the exact same birds. 

-If these are not the same birds, is one possibly an offspring of the birds from last year (affectionately named Melba and Beauregard)? Perhaps this ledge is the unoffical family homestead. I shall name these birds Charlotte and Beauregard II. (Wikipedia says: The Mourning Dove is monogamous and forms strong pair bonds.Pairs typically reconvene in the same area the following breeding season, and sometimes may remain together throughout the winter.) 

-Someone actually repainted that rusted part of the ledge (see last year’s photos). 

As of this morning I can see some eggs in the nest, so I will be on the lookout for squabs. Last year, Melba, Beau, and the nest dissappeared during a particularly strong spring thunderstorm. 

charlotte and beau the second - 3.18.12

granny melba - 4.3.11

I don’t think I am officially changing this to a bird watching blog, but you never know. Tax season does strange things to accountants.

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