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So I finally got myself together and recently took a half day introduction to photography class. I have had my DSLR (Canon T1i) for over a year but really did not know how to properly use it. I had bought a few books and read through a few tutorials but never put the time into committing to memory the basics of photography. I would often scramble through many of the preset modes to try and get correct lighting on the fly – pretty goofy and ineffective. 

I actually took a photography class in high school via the Pittsburgh Filmmakers and really enjoyed learning about the art. I developed my film and worked in the dark room there (all black and white stuff) and even helped start up a (very) short lived photography club at my high school. Apparently though, all the basic photography knowledge learned during that experience escaped me over the last decade (yes, decade).

The class focused mainly on using the manual mode of your camera. It was very basic but forced me to brush up my knowledge on film speed, aperture, and shutter speed. It also convinced me to start shooting all manual, all the time. I also feel better equipped to shoot in lower lighting situations after learning how to manipulate the basic manual settings.

I have been trying to practice my new found knowledge a bit each day since the class and have been messing around with my tripod and longer shutter speeds.  I really want to get better at taking photos with alllll the weddings I am attending this summer. I love being able to take some extra shots of the day from different vantage points  or during moments when the photographer isn’t there (rehearsal dinner or getting ready).

On that note, here are some random photos taken over the last few weeks. Some where taken before the class and others after – unfortunately, I did not turn into a master photog overnight, so I doubt you will be able to tell the difference 🙂

blossoms on Walnut Street

Bird update:   Sadly, the second generation bird couple only stayed outside my window for a few days and then moved on, leaving behind their little egg.  Natural selection I suppose. There must have been something wrong with it. This spot just isn’t meant to be.

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