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Emily’s wedding was a true family affair. I was so lucky as to have both sets of my grandparents at the wedding. My mother’s parents (top) just celebrated 59 years of marriage. My dad’s parents (bottom) just celebrated 62 years of marriage.  That is 121 years of commitment, love, and memories. It truly blows my mind.

Shortly after the wedding, my dad’s mother became very ill and ended up on an extended stay in the hospital. She has pulled through for the time being but faces a trying recovery. Visiting her, I have been blessed to witness my grandfather’s unconditional love as he cares for her as best he can. He loves her so fully and so thoroughly it almost hurts to watch. I can only hope I am so lucky, so privileged, to experience love in that capacity some day.

Here’s to Gib, Pap, Grandma and Pop-pop. My idols.

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More Love

It is wedding week here on Snickie. This is a great shot of Em and Eryk exiting the church. Ben was the photog here, as he had a great seat in the back pew after arriving minutes before the bride walked down the aisle 😉 Note:  you must must must arrive at a church fifteen minutes before a wedding or you will be walking down the aisle with the bride. This is embarrassing. I know this from personal experience.

Emily and Eryk got married at St Paul and John in Wexford and then moved the party to the Omni William Penn downtown. This was a grand wedding – 350+ people, a bar that looked like a Vegas nightclub, a live band, the works. The ballroom at the Omni William Penn is so majestic. A balcony circles the room and hints of dark magenta, gold, and white envelop the space. The night was magical. The dance floor was packed for the duration of the reception.

You will probably be seeing lots of wedding pictures on Snickie. I have been in 4 weddings in the last 9 months or so and have attended just as many as a guest. Tis the season of life 🙂

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4 – 28 – 2012

This is my cousin Emily getting ready for her big day. She is so beautiful and I so enjoyed being one of her bridesmaids. It was cold and rainy the April morning of her wedding but the vibe while getting ready was awesomely relaxed and happy and loving. What a amazing day 🙂

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Snickie Change Up

So I am planning on changing the set up of Snickie a little. As you may have noticed, I haven’t been feeling inspired to post long recaps of restaurant visits or life events recently. However, my interest in photography and documenting my life through photos has continued to grow and evolve. So for the time being, my plan is to post a few photos per week to Snickie with brief descriptions about the moment captured by the shot. It is very likely that many of these shots will still involve food and cooking, so never fear my foodie friends.

On that note, the above photo is of a small island off the coast of Lake Superior, planted serendipitously in front of my boyfriend’s family’s lake house in Washburn, WI. I had the pleasure of visiting Washburn for the first time this summer. I had seen this very island in many family photos and even in a large framed shot in Ben’s apartment. Seeing it in person made me smile, made me feel closer to Ben, made me think about the special places my own family cherishes. I loved my time in Washburn – I got to see the little town through the eyes of Ben as a child and as an adult. And I got to eat fried cheese curds. Can’t beat that.

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