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Ben and I are trying to soak up all the last bits of summer. Last weekend we grilled out. I was in charge of buying the brats.  I (again) bought the ‘wrong’ kind.  Sigh.  Someday I will purchase the correct variety and please my semi-Wisconsinite boyfriend.  (Note: they were still happily eaten by all parties).  We also made homemade salsa and cooked up the last of some CSA corn and green beans. Ben also strung up the ol’ slackline for some lovely mealtime entertainment.

I am not quite ready for fall….

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Cure – Lawrenceville (Pittsburgh)

I wasn’t sure what restaurant or event would bring me out of my blogging semi-retirement.

In the end, it was Cure.

Ben and I dined at Cure last Friday night, securing a reservation earlier in the week. Cure is located at 5336 Butler Street, in Lawrenceville. The space is on the smaller side, with tables fairly tightly arranged inside. An exposed kitchen sits a level above the dining room. The place is decorated in browns and reds and wood tones with pig-centric accesories – some animal heads on the wall, meat hooks as coat hangers, and a giant pig mural on the exterior wall of the building.

Cure had always been on my ‘tp try’ list but jumped to a number one spot afer being named one of Bon Apetit’s 50 Best New Restaurants. Check out the article here.

Cure is BYO. The menu is small – a handful of starters, five entrees, two desserts (one being a cheese plate). As expected, the menu is meat-heavy.  Salumi, sausage, beef, pork, duck.  I would also assume the menu changes frequently as none of the exact options we saw on Friday are on the menu currently on the Cure website. Ben ordered duck and I ordered smoked short ribs. We also ordered a started of the corn soup to start.

corn soup at Cure

The corn soup was lovely. The kitchen split it for us, which was much appreciated. Two bowls arrived containing artfully arranged pickled watermelon, sesame seeds, mint and basil. Our waiter then delicately poured a smooth corn and curry based soup over these ingredients. The tiny cubes of watermelon added acidity to the soup. We also loved the fresh herbs in the dish.

Next up were the entrees. My smoked short ribs were served over a beur blanc sauce and topped with crispy fried parsley and chanterelle mushrooms. A caramelized onion puree also sat on the plate. Wow. This was a serious dinner. The short ribs were incredibly tender with a slight smokey taste. I also loved the additions of the crispy parsley and onion puree. On the whole, the dish was very rich but impossible to stop eating. A+.

Ben’s duck was tender and beautifully presented. It was served with an interesting assortment of sauteed cabbage and stewed prunes. A strong course mustard was also on his plate.

Duck at Cure

Overall, we really enjoyed our meal at Cure. Service was professsional and smooth. Our food was really amazing and appeared to be prepared with great attention to detail. I felt like I had escaped the ‘burgh for the night as a watched the open kitchen and sipped my wine. Can’t wait to go back.


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